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Gifts under Rs.1000 / From Credible Indian Brands

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Whether for the upcoming festive season, or your best friend’s birthday, we’ve compiled a list of delightful gifts for every type of person in your life. It’s important to remember, no matter whom you’re buying for, you don’t need to break the bank. So, we’ve put together the best gifts you can buy online that all come within Rs.1000.

Every product featured in this guide is rigorously selected keeping in mind the brand and pricing as below:

  • All the brands featured were born in India and majority of their manufacturing takes place in the country.
  • The chocie of brands are based on personal expeirence of the writer, hence adding credibility to the choice.
  • The price stated includes Full-Price of Product + Taxes + Shipping, leaving no room for surprises.
  • You may receive additional discounts/offers on the shopping website.

If you’re looking for a way to support the small business community in India, you might want to consider shopping for yourself too from the below homegrown businesses.

Box of Curated Munchies

by Snackible

For the sibling who loves to eat!

Munchies by Snackible are perfect to satisfy untimely mid-meal hunger pangs, whether in between meetings, while watching a favourite show or while studying for an exam.

The Box of Curated Munchies includes: 12 bestselling snacks from the brand (such as almond cookies, quinoa puffs, energy bars, ragi chips and much more) + gift box.

Price: Rs.699

Elevated Gift Set of Stoneware Kulhar

by Indus People

For the colleague who spends eight hours a day on Teams calls!

Indus People has created a gift set that is a guaranteed delight for anyone at the receiving end. You get to choose between two colour options for the kulhar. You can get in touch with Indus People for corporate and festive bulk orders too.

Gift Set includes: Two textured stoneware kulhar with 24K gold petals + gift box.

Price: Rs.1000

Set of Sparkling Lemonade Mixers

by Sepoy & Co.

For your friend who Instagrams every party!

Refreshing lemonades in a limited edition box to be used as mixers or drink as-is. Sepoy & Co. also makes flavoured tonic water and ginger ale from natural ingredients.

Set includes: 3 bottles of mixed berry lemonade flavour + 2 bottles of peach lemonade.

Price: Rs.570

Premium Chocolate Gift Set

by Smoor

For everybody on your to-gift list!

The medley of chocolate treats go well as desserts or party munches or even as sweet side-eats with a glass of bubbly. If you are in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi or Gurgaon – you can also visit a Smoor shop to taste the chocolate delicacies.

Gift Set includes: 16 centre-fill fine chocolates + 2 gourmet chocolate bars + 2 nougat chocolate bars + gift box.

Price: Rs.799

Case of Cold Brew Coffee

by Sleepy Owl

For the cousin who is partial to coffee!

The bottles are a refreshing ready-to-drink iced coffee with milk and a little sugar. Sleepy Owl’s coffees are made from beans grown in Southern India and roasted in small batches to maintain the signature flavour. They also have hot brew, cold brew, filter coffee and latte options on their website.

Case of Cold Brew Coffee includes: 1 classic flavour + 1 sweet flavour + 1 hazelnut flavour + 1 salted caramel flavour + 1 mocha flavour + 1 vanilla flavour.

Price: Rs.600

Stationery and Accessories

by Bari

For the teen itching to travel!

Bari’s main product line is apparel rooted in Jaipur crafts – but we personally adore their small-products collection! We couldn’t choose just one – hence presenting 3 options from the brand. The personalized lugagge tags are a fun option for group vacations or wedding giveaways too.

The Moss Accessory Set includes: 1 headband + 1 eye mask + 1 facemask + 1 scrunchie.

Links: Personalized Luggage Tags | Moss Accessory Set | Personalized Weekly Planner Books

Price: Rs.390 to Rs.750

Recycled Cotton Handmade Journal

by Craft Boat

For your favourite professor / teacher / guide / or coach!

This hard-bound journal is made with recycled cotton handmade paper. Hand Marbled by the artisans of Craft Boat in Jaipur. Visit their website for more cover design or notebook options.

This journal is unruled, and the size is 8 inch x 6 inch.

Price: Rs.950

Recipe Book – Desserts for Every Mood

by Shivesh Bhatia

For everybody who baked-a-bread during lockdowns! 😊

Shivesh is a young maverick often featured in popular publications for his delectable recipes. Just try this quick mug-cake recipe of his to know for yourself!

His second book, Desserts for Every Mood, features a range of 100 desserts.

Price: Rs.610

Charcoal Desk Storage


For your friend who is starting a new job!

This slick storage box is designed with the idea of keeping the table top neat looking. Made from cold-rolled Aluminium, it is available in other colour options too.

SPIN’s minimal design language is clearly visible in its everyday-items and furniture.

Price: Rs.919

Indian Festive Gift Box

by Phool.Co

For the grandparents with the neatest house!

This power-packed classic gift box is a curated with the best of PHOOL products. It is perfect to set up the ambience during the festive season! PHOOL’s fine-fragrance incense and cones are made from recycled flowers and approved by Ecocert (France). The classic fragrances include Tulsi, Patchouli, Vetiver, and White Cedar.

The Gift Box includes: 2 boxes of hand-rolled incense sticks + 2 wooden incense holder + 2 boxes of incense cones + 2 clay cone holder + gift box.

Price: Rs.790

Mango Wood Tray

by Ellementry

For the nephew/niece who just shifted to your city!

Ellementry is not a small-sized business in the conventional way, though born in 2018 it is backed by decades of export-experience. We featured it for its evolving product catalog and commitment to quality even for the domestic market.

Th size of this hand-painted food safe rectangular wooden tray is 16.5 inch x 14 inch x 1.5 inch.

Price: Rs.990

Aquamarine Glass Cloche – Tropical Lily Candle


For the boss who has trouble switching off.

The luxurious glass cloche candle is handcrafted in smooth glass and finished with an ethereal, opalescent glow. A hand-poured fragrance blend of Tropical Lily with notes of coconut, jasmine and vanilla cream scent will take you to a dreamy repose!

This candle provides 35 hours of burn time, and comes in a lovely branded gift-box.

Price: Rs.995

Pichwai Bloom – Wall Decal Set

by Kalakaari Haath

For your school friend who’s into interiors!

From the Mumbai based studio of Kalakaari Haath, the Pichwai Bloom set uses the style of detailed foliage from miniature paintings. The easy-to-apply decal is perfect to brighten up a balcony-garden!

The Decal Set includes: 4 declas with each motif approximately 9 inches and 6.5 inches in height respectively.

Price: Rs.999

Natural Clay Curv Platter

by Nugu

For your friend who just became a homeowner!

This handcrafted shallow-curv platter is made of natural clay and minerals. Features a rustic natural finish on the outside combined with ivory or green on the inside. More platter options are available in the price range under-Rs.1500.

We love that Nugu collaborates with indigenous communities to build sustainable artisan businesses that provide ecosystem development support and encourages conscious crafting.

Price: Rs.900

Artisanal Genuine Leather Pouches

by Le Mira

For your partner who doesn’t want anything!

We recently discovered Le Mira and immediately fell in love with their utilitarian product line (and ordered a couple of their products)! Based in Kolkata, Le Mira offers a range of genuine leather products – from laptop covers to dopp kits to card holders. All of these are handcrafted and available in 7 colour options. They currently don’t have an online shop but the Whatsapp ordering process was effortless.

The black wristlet is for Rs.650 and the green versatile pouch is for Rs.600, both prices excludes shipping.

Price: Rs.650 (Excludes shipping)

Urban Vintage Caramel T-Shirt

by Cityof

For the snappy dresser in your gang!

​Cityof is the casual wear brand from Bombay Shirt Company. It inherits the philosophy of ‘clothes that are made only when you order them, and only made for you’ – offering sizes ranging from XXS to 3XL and fits to suit different height-ranges​.

This tee is ultra-soft with a subtle vintage look​, perfect for the weekend gaming marathon.

Price: Rs.750

Eco Flip – Recycled Compounds

by Neeman’s

​​For the friend who endorses conscious living!

​Hyderabad based Neeman’s is an eco-conscious footwear brand making comfortable shoes using merino wool.​ The Eco Flip slippers are made with natural rubber, recycled compounds and natural oils​. ​Crafted to last, and designed to be worn both indoors and outdoors.

The Eco Flips are gender neutral, available in seven colours and in sizes UK4 to UK12.

Price: Rs.799

Find Yourself Bib and Bow Set

by Rattle & Co.

​For your nephew/niece’s half-birthday!

Rattle & Co. make the cutest ​hair accessories for children, from newborns to tweens! They also make lovely play wear​ clothing​, bibs and swaddles for toddlers​. Moreover, their packaging can easily double as gift-wrapping.

The set includes: 1 scallop bib with snap buttons + 1 handcrafted headband.

Price: Rs.749

DIY Elephant T-shirt Kit

by Potli

​For the creative little ones!

Potli makes an assortment of DIY kits for all age groups. Their DIY T-shirt Kits are available in an assortment of designs and 4 size options. They primarily retail online from Amazon, but are also obtainable from other stockists listed here.

The DIY Elephant T-shirt Kit includes: ​1 cotton ​t​-shirt​ + 1 hand carved wooden stamp​ + 1 non-toxic child safe fabric paint ​+ instruction sheet on setting up ​the block printing table at home​ + tube box.​ 

Price: Rs.950

Hope this helps some of you who are looking for gift ideas for friends, partners, colleagues or family members!

Have you given or received anything from a homegrown business that you loved? We’d love to hear it below and will continue to add thoughtful gifts as we come across them!

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